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I am new to Ottawa Travel & Cruise and am so excited at the opportunity to meet everyone and help them put together all sorts of trips whether it be grad trips for their kids, honeymoons, family reunion vacations or solo trips.

My absolute favourite things about travelling are the people I meet, the food I eat, and all the things (big and small) I learn about myself and where I am. The reason I sit behind this desk is to help people experience that for themselves – or just give them a chance to catch-up on some well-deserved quiet time.

I have a lot of destinations and experiences left on my bucket list but some of my favourite so far have been:

-visiting the world’s oldest amusement park in Denmark with new-found friends

-Isle of Staffa and Giant’s Causeway in Scotland and Northern Ireland for the most awe-inspiring rock formations

-the seals in San Diego

-the Liberation Day parade in the Netherlands

-chocolate in Belgium

My favourite vacations to plan are cruises, my specialty is Europe; but no matter where you are travelling, I will cover all the bases for any trip you would like me to plan.

“Travel is not a reward for working, it’s education for living.”


Anastasia Mcleod